Copy of Safe, Natural Alternatives for Managing Pain

1 CE Available - Pain Management | taught by Dr. George Gedevanishvili

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An informative look at safe, natural alternatives for managing pain. Covering topics such as, nutritional supplement/drug interaction, educating chiropractic patients, the importance of diet, etc. 1 CE Available Pain Management
Dr. George Gedevanishvili
Dr. George Gedevanishvili

Dr. George Gedevanishvili has done renowned work for the Ministry Of Health of the Republic of Georgia, United Nations Development Program, and CARE International. Some of his publications include "Whiplash evaluation for patients involved in motor vehicle accidents" with Garry Baldwin, D.C., Michigan Chiropractic Society Bulletin, June, 2004. "Objective Documentation Of Spine Pain" with Alex Ambroze, M.D.Practical Pain Management, May/June 2004. "Staff Motivation is key to your success" Plexus, Nov/Dec 2008. He has been involved with dozens of educational speaking engagements worldwide.

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